Can a programmer become YouTube famous?

Francisco Barcena - June 01, 2016

Yes. "How famous?" Not very. "How quickly?" Not very.

After the previous, one might think I'm one to see the cup half empty. But let my YouTube videos state the contrary. The cup is twice the height it needs to be (I read that last sentence somewhere. I don't take credit for it).

I am not a pessimist. I'm one to think. I will not become YouTube famous by uploading some coding videos, not even by creating a viral video (tried that here: But uploading popular videos is not the only use for YouTube.

YouTube allows us to share useful information like product reviews, experiences, lessons, recipes...etc. so, being the realist and optimist (not pessimist) person I am, I decided to upload some programming videos to share my workflow. After my first video was published, I quickly submitted it to an on-line community of programmers. And guess what? No, I didn't get YouTube famous but did get a handful of views (more than I expected).

Although I am still not YouTube famous (Any people named Charlie wanna bite my thumb?), I plan on creating more videos like this for anyone slightly interested in the application development process.

Programming Video Link Here