Redesigning a website built over a decade ago

Pronto Income Tax Website Redesign


This project landed because the client was happy with work I had previously delivered. The goal was easy to communicate: the client wanted a fresh redesign of their website. Pronto Income Tax of Bell Gardens already had a great logo. Right off the bat I knew the design style for this project had to friendly but look more professional than the competition.

The website needed to look professional and impressive, yet simple enough to navigate.

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Project discovery was easy peasy. As mentioned earlier, Pronto already established colors and feel of their business thanks to a well designed logo--now they needed a great website to put that on. I discovered Pronto Income Tax had been serving the local community for over 50 years. Although they offer many tax services for all sectors of the market, I learned that their focus was assisting local clients with individual income tax returns. This meant the website would need to be simple enough for anyone discover and user their services.



First off, the design needed to have the main colors of the logo, green and orange. I decided the web design should be on a white background, and its secondary color should be green. Later, I would accent the design with bits of orange here and there. I chose white as the main background to give everything more space. I also wanted to throw in a banner into the design. Developing it all from the ground up would become costly and extend the deadline. So I opted for working off a theme that already included a banner. Stock photography would be used in the banner to replace the theme's placeholders. Stock photography can look bad if not used properly, but in this case I would color correct it, resize it, and create compositions to make it look great. I would also go on site and do a photoshoot of the employees to put on the website. People need to know who they'll work with when they step into a business establishment and Pronto has top-notch friendly professionals. I wanted to put their faces on the site, it makes it more professional and at the same time adds a personal touch.


The theme was heavily modified. Cascading styling sheets (CSS) were edited to match the logo colors and I even customized new HTML code as part of the theme. Custom treated illustrations and photos were used. A google map was placed on the site, and its colors programmatically modified. The final touches were adding links to Pronto's social media profiles--the website build was ready for tax season!

The Results

The client received a heavily branded website that boosted its credibility and authority in the tax services market. Team Pronto got a photoshoot and employees looked like supermodels.

Closing Thoughts

Branding can sometimes be underestimated but people do pay attention to it because in most cases it parallels a business level of quality. The website redesign was a major success.

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