Customizing an e-commerce site for tiered pricing

Prosafe Now E-Commerce Website Development


Prosafe Now came to me with a solid brand, a solid logo, a solid service to offer, looking for a solid website. Other platforms didn't offer the type of website they needed. Their website required a custom pricing structure based on the size of the party signing up for a safety training.

An existing e-commerce system could be used, but customization was needed for dynamic pricing.

Key Technologies






Prosafe Now had a plan. They were experts in safety and knew everything about OSHA compliance. With this knowledge, they were able to offer safety training courses. In order to make the sign up process as easy as possible, they wanted to have a website with a catalog of their courses.



This was a great opportunity to use a trusted and highly customizable e-commerce platform. A highly customizable system was an absolute requirement I set for this project due to the requested pricing capabilities. After choosing the correct platform, a Django based e-commerce system called Saleor, I developed a custom theme from scratch by using CSS, HTML, and some javascript. The theme used javascript in order to update the shopping cart without having to refresh the page. After creating several pages of the theme I integrated them into the e-commerce platform. On the backend of the system, I planned to customize the product models in order to support products with tiered pricing. This decision was made because all products would have tiered pricing based on group size. From a technical standpoint, it was the main differentiator between a common e-commerce site. After customizing the site, what would be left is connecting it to one of many supported payment platforms. I chose Stripe because of its ease of use.


Having a clearly defined strategy helped me stay on track and have a clear way to track the project progress. It was easy to keep Prosafe Now updated as the project progressed. Building the site was a breeze once I got all the custom requirements out of the way. After doing all the heavy lifting, it was easy to populate the site with a catalog of classes and their different prices. Browsing the site and seeing my shopping cart update in real time as I changed the size of the group I wanted to enroll in my chosen classes was very rewarding.

The Results

The client was happy because the pricing system worked exactly as requested, additionally, the site was delivered earlier than expected, which allowed marketing efforts to begin earlier than planned.

Closing Thoughts

It's not always necessary to reinvent the wheel, sometimes all you gotta do reduce the number of spokes so you can fit a more custom light reflector. Customize it.

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